Why Belong?

Why Belong to the GADCC?

For a stronger Party…

The reason to belong to the GADCC is to be part of the network of County Chairs that strives to assist all County Chairs around the state. The GADCC keeps this network alive.  With this enhanced communication, we can know when a county needs assistance, and be there to help. We firmly believe when we get all Georgia counties working together with the GADCC and the Democratic Party of Georgia, we will have a stronger Democratic Party.

We are proud that by raising funds through membership dues and our annual dinner we have assisted so far this year 18 counties who applied for funding with a total expenditure of $6500. That is why joining the GADCC is so important for all county chairs.

For financial aid…

The GADCC also provides funding for member counties.  We offer limited funding for things a county needs, and we are the only organization that does so.  If a County Committee is just starting out, for instance, we will provide the first year money for a post office box, give them seed money to host a get-together, etc.  We hold an annual fundraiser in August of each year to raise money for such purposes.

Being a member, $25 per year, allows member Counties to access to this funding, as well as to receive rebates on the tables purchased by Counties and on ad sales at this annual dinner.  The County Party can solicit table and ad sales from businesses and Democratic leaders on behalf of their county party and still receive the rebates without spending money.

27 counties have recived financial aid this year from the GADCC. An amount totalling $9,275.

Join the GADCC today and fill out the membership form on the website.